Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hi there, it's been a while!!!

Hello beloved family and friends!

It has been quite a while since we've posted on here and we are sincerely sorry for that. So much has been happening in our hearts, home and lives it's hard to know where to begin.


Wanna play big brother?
We welcomed our 2nd son, Tobias Emmanuel, into our lives March 14th! He's 3 months old already and is an absolute delight! Lately he's starting to drool, chew on everything and is already rolling over from his back to his stomach! He's our champion sleeper (most of the time) and we love watching the boys interact! As you can tell by the picture Tobias thinks Shiloh is the bee's knees! Tis great to dream of the lifelong friendship these two handsome boys will have.

Tobias Emmanuel's name has a very significant meaning for us in this season. His name means: The God who is good makes his home with us! This has been and continues to be a powerful theme in our lives.


Prayer Mountain with Pike's Peak in background
View at Mueller State Park
Shiloh teaching Papa
A few of the locals
 Just wanted to share some pictures of where we live. We are blown away everything that this is actually where we live. Beautiful!
It is hard to believe that we've been in Woodland Park for almost a year already! The Father has done so much in our hearts over these last 11 months. Sometimes we've felt lonely, disoriented and confused but mostly just smothered in the sweet love of Papa. We had some folks over for a little dessert last weekend and after everyone left we realized that besides Holly, we'd known everyone there less than a year. But it doesn't feel like that at all!
As we pray and discern together we sense we'll be in Colorado long term but are still very open to the Spirit. Lately we've been thinking of our dream house and how amazing it will be to experience Papa's faithfulness in seeing that dream fulfilled. We'd love your prayers concerning all of this.


Tim modeling Saddleback bag for 5'3" customer
In April Tim accepted a new job, working from home as a customer service specialist for Saddleback Leather. Tim gets to write emails filled with humor, poems and care as well as chatting with customers on the phone. It has been such a blessing to work for a fantastic company that is doing some really unique things in today's business world. The owners, Dave and Suzette have really sweet hearts for the Kingdom. You can read the Saddleback story here. Our friends, Keenan and Pam, who Tim worked with at Moolala, also work for Saddleback here in Woodland Park!

Wedding Tour

Lastly, we'd love your prayers as we embark on a July 'wedding tour.' We leave Thursday, June 28th for our first wedding (Michael and Johanna soon to be Feamster!) in Tulsa. From there we drive to Minnesota to celebrate the holy matrimony of Tanner and Stacey! Then we drive to the southern part of the US for the fantastic festivities of Ryan and Maria's wedding July 21st. We'll most likely be driving through the night so the boys can sleep! Again, please keep us in your prayers.

We'll leave you with a few pictures of our attempts at high altitude gardening in our wee greenhouse.

We love you all and pray you grow daily in the knowledge of Papa's goodness, nearness, faithfulness and love!


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Hi Tim:

I've been WONDERING what happened to YOU!

If you can't afford to help me, or if you can't buy a CD at the moment: Would you please give me your e-mail and mailing address on MY e-mail so I can send you a copy of the recording called: Mary's 63rd Birthday right away as I have the original CD to mass produce from, you guys are in it and I REALLY WANT YOU GUYS ON MY MAILING LIST ANYWAY, FREE!


Sincerely yours

(and "hi" by the way)

Micah 4:5-7


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Your son is amzingly cute!!