Friday, May 9, 2008

may madness

well, we are only 9 days into may but it has been crazy already. we worked really hard last week building a giant goose bridge float for MayDay parade as well as lots of prep work for the festival. it was our first MayDay experience and was exhausting. it would have been nice to do only the float or the booth.

the last few weeks have been beautiful. we started tilling up our front yard this week to put in a big vegetable garden. we have been biking almost every day instead of driving which has been wonderful. i feel new life within me. i have been getting in a lot of conversations lately with many different people. one of the most encouraging conversations was with two men in a park. they overheard my friend and i talking about paul and his life. they came over and asked if they could listen. we ended up have an amazing conversation about the kingdom of God and losing our lives for Jesus that we can truly find them. these brothers have renounced all things in order to seek the kingdom of God first.

today i did something i don't usually enjoy doing-i went flyering. i went to intermedia arts, the alt bike and board shop and 5th element. it was great to bike and adventure around the city. i look forward to doing it more.

dana and i are way too busy yet we still make time for dates and rest. this summer is going to be great!

and to top things off here is a picture i found of me from 3 years ago when i did my internship at source. yarg!