Wednesday, September 30, 2009

kramertribe september 2009 update

hey beloved family and friends! here is our newest update. it is hard to believe another month has flown by in the life of kramertribe. below are some snipets and highlights from September.

24/7 Prayer week

We hosted another week of prayer September 19-26. Each week of prayer we ask God for different themes to pray about. One of the main ones this week of prayer had to do with repentance and regathering. The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah actually started sundown September 18th. This directed our prayers as we asked God to bring revelation and grace for the next year for Source. The week was pretty slim in numbers but provided a lot of time for us to spend alone in prayer.

The heart of these weeks of prayer is to regather as a community and focus on intimacy with God. Each week of prayer we have new people come through to get food, prayer, friendship, etc. We are so grateful to provide a place of rest, safety and prayer for our neighbors and friends.
Fall at Source
This fall is a crucial time for Source. It is a season of transition and rebuilding. It is a very difficult season as some of our favorite people are 'moving on.' It is a stressful season as Source is not doing well financially. As a result we are cutting back on outreach and things a bit. In the midst of all of this we are looking to Jesus for direction, hope and peace. Go here to watch a video about our homeless youth outreach, B4-48.
Some of the transition comes from Peter and Jessica believing it is time to go from a para-church mindset to the mindset of a church. Source has always been a para-church ministry but Peter and Jessica want to build a church community that does homeless youth outreach, creative things with the arts, etc. Also, they are not sure how to share the ownership and vision of Source. Needless to say, Source needs a lot of prayer in this season. Dana and I are still committed to Source and hopeful of the outcome of this season. Pray for the conversations and prayers happening in the next several months.
Another part of this fall is a joint Bible study on Wednesday nights. We are going through the book, Stomping out the Darkness. The book looks a lot at our journey from being apart from God to having our identity in Christ.
Tim has been able to do some teaching as a part of this. Last week Tim taught on our sonship and adoption through Christ. The teaching centered around the good news of the gospel that reveals God plan to adopt us as his children through Christ. Tim taught from Romans 8 and other passages that speak about God's love and grace. It is truly amazing that God provided a way through Jesus for us to become his children. After the teaching Dana facilitated a time to reflect on times we have not felt significant, secure or that we belong. Then we got into small groups to pray for one another.

~ 6 more weeks until baby kramer arrives! We are very excited for the arrival of this baby. Obviously everything is going to change and we are feeling mostly prepared. One of the major prayer concerns right now is that this baby woul
d turn as it is still breech. We are joyfully welcoming the beginning of a new season for us. Our role at Source will be different but we don't know exactly what it will look like. We will have mid-November to mid-January off to be new parents, love our newborn and pray about our involvement at Source.

We continue to enjoy living in community and are growing a lot. Andrew and Sara, the other family at the house, are expecting their second child in February, so the house is going to get very crazy! We are preparing to harvest our garden for the second year. This year we got a lot more produce including some from last year's compost! Unfortunately we are down to only 2 chickens after losing 2 chicks and 1 hen in the last month!
Above is a picture of Andrew and Sara's son Ezekiel (Zeke) hanging out with Sybil (dog) and Benedict (cat) who like to cuddle.

We love you all and thank you for your prayers and support!

Tim, Dana and baby aka krametribe