Thursday, April 2, 2009

M-A-R-C-H 2009!!!!!!!

Spring Break Extravaganza
This month we had a group of Northwestern College young ladies spend their Spring Break week with us. 4 RAs and one RD spent the week with us-serving, learning, praying and just being a part of our community. Tim had the privilege of teaching them about prayer and community throughout their week with us. They had a really good time and have been telling lots of other people about their experience.

Two of our friends, Lisa and Lindsey, also decided to spend their Spring Break week with us. They stayed at our house and hung out with us during a normal week at the Source Boiler Room. It was great to host them and be a part of what God is doing in their lives. Tim knows Lisa from FBC Camdenton way back in the day. Lisa and Lindsey at a concert ---------------->

Seder, Passover
Every year Source hosts a traditional Jewish Passover meal called a Seder. It is a great way to gather as a community and reflect on God's faithfulness throughout history. This year we had about 60 people celebrate the Seder together. A Seder involves traditional foods, many of which symbolize the bitterness of slavery and sweetness of redemption. The particular script that we follow points to Jesus as the fulfillment of the Passover Lamb. Dana did an amazing job of organizing all the food and arrangements for this years Seder.

12 Hour Prayer Vigil
Last May God spoke to us about doing more periods of 24 hour prayer at the Source Boiler Room. Though it has been almost a year we have not seen much of a change. While the Northwestern ladies were with us we did a 12-hour prayer vigil to give them a taste of 24/7 prayer. They loved it and so did we. We decided to do another one a few weeks later. Now we are hoping to do at least a 12-hour, if not 24-hour, prayer vigil every month that we aren't already doing a week of prayer. As the prayer coordinators we are really excited to equip and stir the body into more prayer.
St. Stephen's
We finally did an overnight at St. Stephen's shelter Tuesday, March 31st. We had not done an overnight since the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! It was a really good night as we met new friends and caught up with some old friends too. We hope to do an overnight once a month at St. Stephen's and continue to pray for the men in the shelter.
Every time we get to be with friends who are poor or homeless God teaches us about his kingdom. The church needs to realize that proximity to the poor is not an option. We need to realize that the poor are a gift from God to the body of Christ. It is in relationship and proximity to the poor that we realize our true need of God. There is something about seeing unhidden needs that exposes our false sense of self-sufficiency.
We have survived another rough winter in Minneapolis and are ready for Spring. We got to start our garden by planting seeds inside a few weeks ago. Lots of our seeds are sprouting already and we are anxious for the day we get to plant them in our garden.
Dana discovered oil paints and painted a piece for this year's Disgrace (Good Friday service). Tim will be sharing some of his poetry for Disgrace again this year. We will have pictures in next month's update. Tim has had many opportunities to teach in the last few weeks and is grateful for them.
We are bracing ourselves for the busyness of Source summers. Interns will be arriving mid-May, every week the end of May through the end of July will have many things happening around the Source Boiler Room. Please pray for the staff as we seek God for direction concerning this summer. We hope it is the best summer Source has had yet!

Tim and Dana Kramer