Friday, March 6, 2009

February 2009 Kramertribe update

Greetings beloved family and friends! We are so grateful for each of you and excited to share with you what has been happening in our lives this last month.

Homeless Youth Benefit
Friday, February 27, 2009, we hosted a Homeless Youth benefit at the Fallout. It was a great collaboration of artists, musicians, ministries and non-profits. We had between 150-200 people show up for the benefit and raised nearly $1000! Local bands played for free, some of our staff did an excellent drama that educated people on the realities of homelessness and we got a lot of socks to give away. It was an encouraging night and a great testimony to Jesus since a bunch of Christians hosted the event. Jesus really loves when his bride does what he does and lets the world know of his great love.
You can see pictures here:

Homeless Youth outreach update
In February we continued to see an increase of people who have a heart to join us in homeless youth outreach. A college group from a church has been coming twice a month and will finish up their training in March. A group from Bethel College has also joined us. They had been cooking food and bringing it to Loring Park and are now going to help us.
A few months ago we started a donation closet with the hopes that it could be a ‘Free Store’ for our homeless friends. In the last 2 months it has not only been filled but is overflowing! However, we know it won’t stay this way for long. Recently one of our homeless brothers stopped by and was excited to find the donation closet full. He said he is going to spread the word. Once spring gets here we have a feeling the closet will be emptying quickly.

Mohamoud update
Thank you all for your continued prayers for our dear friend Mohamoud. I, Tim, was able to visit him this month at his apartment. It had been several months and I knew it was time to see him. When I got to his apartment it was one of the five daily times of prayer for Muslims. I sat in the living room while he went to his room to pray. When he was done he came out and his daughter made us some Somali tea. We chatted about art and I helped him look up some stuff regarding art classes on the Internet.
He saw some calligraphy in Arabic and read it to me, “Allah alone is God and Muhammad is his messenger.” He told me the core beliefs of Islam and I asked him some questions. His daughter interjected comments, quoting the Qu’ran. I was able to share with him the good news of how we are saved by grace not works. I spoke to him about Jesus’ sacrifice and for the first time he said, ‘This is where Muslims and Christians disagree.’ As I left he said he really enjoyed our conversation and wants to continue our conversation. Please pray for Mohamoud and his family to know God and his son Isa. I know I cannot convince him, but our Father can reveal truth.

This has month has been pretty good for us. There have been some rough days as we continue to grieve the loss of children in the last year and a half. We are also ready for spring to be here! Dana started mentoring Maj, whom we have written of in other updates. See prayer request below for how you can pray.
Tim is getting more opportunities to teach. He recently taught on Matthew 5:3, “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” This verse can be translated as saying, “Happy, fortunate, free from daily cares and worries are those who are spiritually poor as a beggar, because theirs is the reign, rule and authority of heaven.” This concept is the complete opposite of what most people strive for. We strive to be spiritually strong and self-sufficient. We think the kingdom will come to those who help themselves and are strong. Jesus teaches the opposite. Many Jewish people believed the kingdom and Messiah would come only by a great war and force of arms. In the Beatitudes Jesus says the kingdom will come to the poor in spirit, the meek and the peacemakers. Rather than seeking to be self-sufficient in our relationship with God we need to seek to be spiritually poor. There will never be a ‘height’ in our Christian walk where we are no longer dependent on Jesus. Those who truly mature in Christ find that the more they walk with him the more aware they are of their desperate need of him.

Prayer Requests
- Summer interns: pray for God to provide for those he wants here for the summer.
- Disgrace, our Good Friday service- April 10th: Pray for the lost to come and experience God.
- Summer in general: Pray for direction, discernment and obedience.
- Peter and Jessica (baby due March 30th): Pray for the Wohlers as they welcome their 4th child and take some much needed time off. Pray for the staff as we will be carrying a lot of their weight in their absence.
- Dana mentoring Maj: Pray for confidence, wisdom and grace as Dana goes through the story of God with Maj. Pray for protection as Maj carries a lot of wounds and spiritual baggage.
- Spring break: We have two groups of college girls coming for their spring breaks. One will be here March 6-14 and the other March 21-28. Pray for them to encounter God and be changed by their time with us.
- Mohamoud: Pray for Tim as he continues to speak with Mohamoud about Jesus (Isa). Pray for Mohamoud and his family to know God and his Son. Pray for more opportunities to visit Mohamoud.
-Joshua House guys: Pray for the Joshua House guys to be encouraged, to find jobs and to seek Jesus as their Life. Pray for protection from any work of the enemy to discourage them.

We are exceedingly thankful for you and your support. There is no way we could do what we do without your prayers, financial support and encouragement. Thank you! We love you and pray you are well. Take time during this Lenten season to really reflect on the cross and sacrifice of Jesus. Peace be with you in Christ.

Tim and Dana Kramer

tim playing drums at our Drum and Easel