Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exciting News


Our last blog contained the great news that we are expecting. We wanted to give a quick update. Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound appointment. We did find out the gender of this little mover, so, if you want to know and do not know already, just send us an email.
Baby is doing wonderfully and so is Dana. We continue to be amazed at God's creativity in pregnancy. We were able to see baby's foot and can tell already that baby's foot is like Tim's!!! See picture to the right. We are right on 'target' for an early March birth. Shiloh is going to be a great big brother. He is getting so big and will be 2 next month! He is currently getting all 4 of his 2 year molars in.

Our other bit of exciting news is that Tim has a job!!! He starts Monday (the 24th) and will be working for Moolala, a deal-of-the-day company. Tim will join a small team of 4 others who make up the Member Experience Team (customer service). The pay is really good for Colorado, there are benefits and a Mac laptop! Oh yeah, and it is right in town, only 1 mile from our house. Thank you all for praying with us over these last several months. Tim will be working 25-35 hour a week to start out. Please keep us all in prayer during this transition.

On October 8th we had around 8 inches of snow! Here is a picture of Shiloh all suited up for his first Colorado snow adventure. Remind any one else of 'A Christmas Story'?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fantastic Fall Family Fun

That's right friends, we are having another baby! Dana has been feeling great overall and is 4 months along. For those of you calculating that means we will be having this sweet little baby around the beginning of March. We are really excited for this gift to our family and Shiloh is going to be an awesome big brother. It is common for him to walk about the house randomly saying, 'Big brother Shiloh' or giving baby a kiss. He also likes to wrap his stuffed animals in blankets, hold them in his arms and whisper, 'Shh shh shh.'

One of our favorite things of our time in Colorado so far has been lots of time for creativity! Many days of the week, during Shiloh's nap, Dana can be found working on an oil painting while Tim is in his pottery 'studio' throwing pots. This has brought much life to both of us. Though Tim does not have a kiln, he has been able to connect with several potters and even has the opportunity to participate in a wood kiln firing next month! More on this to come soon. Please visit Tim's pottery blog for updates as well.

For those of you who may not know, Tim also has been working on a fun creative music project centering around the theme of gold prospectors. Colorado has a rich (pun intended) history of gold prospecting so it has been fun to learn about that. For those of you who want to know more about Tim's project please visit his Prospector Hip-hop website.

Also, if any of you or anyone you may know, would like to order pottery please let us know. Tim is currently taking orders for custom mugs or anything else you may desire. Though there is no website yet Tim would be glad to email you pictures of past/current work. Just email, call or send us a message on facebook.


We continue to pray and dream with our Father of the present and future. We have felt really blessed to meet and connect with many folks out here already. We believe God is giving us little glimpses of our future. We are enjoying time with friends that we know already, with new friends, weekly fellowship, random parties and refreshing time spent at the nearby house of prayer.
God continues to put an emphasis on family-both natural and spiritual and we know this is going to blossom more and more as we wait on him. We are loving being in the mountains, in a small town and continue to dream of someday having some land with a house for our family, hermitages for weary people to come rest, a big garden, an art studio.....yeah, it is a big dream. We are content here and love what God is doing in and around us. As of right now Tim still has not found a job. He continues to look as we all pray and wait on our trustworthy Father.
We love you all and pray God's peace and joy fills you this Fall. We send Father's rich blessings to you all from the mountains of Colorado where we have already had our first snow (no accumulations.)