Tuesday, August 9, 2011

colorado welcome

Hey everyone,

We made it safely to Woodland Park and are settling in. We made the journey and 3 days and got here two weeks ago today. Woodland Park is vastly different from Minneapolis but we really enjoy it. Right now life consists of getting up, going on our morning walk, playing at the park, seeing deer eating in peoples' yards, hanging out at home, Shiloh napping while we unpack, read, look for jobs, afternoon playing, dinner and an evening walk.

Everytime we go out our door we see Pike's Peak and surrounding foothills. It is breath-taking and we are in awe of God's creativity.

Shiloh is adjusting very well and enjoys being outside playing so much. We think he is even getting a tan!

Some highlights already include: a wonderful hike at a near by State Park, getting to spend time with Holly several times a week, connecting with a local house of prayer, lots of sunshine, and meeting local potters who will fire our pottery for very reasonable price!

We would appreciate your prayers in the following areas:

- Healing for Tim's wrists that continue to ache and tingle.
-Direction for job search for sources of income.
-Grace in the transition as everything is different.
-Discernment for opportunities with local fellowships.