Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pilgrimage part 2

After a lovely month in Albuquerque we headed to the Midwest to visit more family and friends. We brought with us several boxes of Tim's pottery. We unpacked the kiln Monday and left Wednesday evening. Whoo! To see pottery and read about the firing go to Tim's blog.

We stopped by Bartlesville, OK for a day of rest before heading to Southwest City, MO to camp with friends. We spend a rainy fun weekend in conversations, walks, fireside storytelling and a trade circle. Tim was able to trade some of his pottery for various things like homemade goat's milk soap, homespun yarn and handknit socks! We were refreshed in the fellowship, learned about some yummy edible wilds and even got some sassafras root for some homebrewed root beer!
We then spent a few days in Siloam Springs, Arkansas where we went to college. We had a great time visiting old friends and even a few professors. We had fun remember lots of dear memories from our years in Siloam.

We are now back in Bartlesville for a week and a half. We are getting more and more excited to be back in Minneapolis.

Believe it or not Shiloh is 6 months old already! He is sitting up pretty well, eating some solids and growing every day. Everywhere we go people are drawn to Shiloh like insects to light and comment on how adorable he is. We love being able to introduce him to friends and share him with family. He is a daily reminder of how many people have prayed for us.

Here are some pictures and videos of the little guy. Shalom!