Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hey, We are moving

That's right dear friends and family, kramertribe is moving.

Over the past year and a half, and especially in the last few months, our hearts have been in a season of preparation for change and movement. In the last few weeks we have had much focused conversation and prayer. The result is a decision to move to Woodland Park, Colorado.

It has been a very tough decision but we are excited and have much peace about the decision. We feel a lot of joy, peace and safety with our Father to take this step, or leap, into something very new.

"What will you do in Woodland Park?" "Why Woodland Park?" "Where is Woodland Park?" "Did you get a job offer?" "Who is in Woodland Park?"

We are guessing most of you are asking at least a few of the above questions. Most of them should be answered in the rest of this blog, but if not, or not as adequately as you desire, do not hesitate to ask us. By then we might be able to tell you. haha!

Woodland Park is nestled in the Rocky Mountains west on 24 from Colorado Springs and surrounded by the Pike National Forest. We will be renting a 2 bedroom house, working jobs, spending time with friends-old and new, and enjoying God, each other and God's beautiful creation. The decision to move here has mostly to do with an invitation from God and from his family in Woodland Park, to have a season of restoration, healing and recovery of who we are in God.
You may remember us writing in a blog last year about a retreat called Churchthink hosted by Ben and Robin Pasley of Enter the Worship Circle. Though the retreat was canceled we still got to spend a day with Ben, Robin and some of their friends in Woodland Park. Shortly after our dear friend Holly moved in with Ben and Robin. Since then she has pestered and invited us to move there. In the last year we have received much encouragement and teaching through Ben and Robin via music, books and blogs. The passion of the hearts of these fine folks in Woodland Park is to shepherd and parent the beautiful family of God (Church) into her amazing inheritance as sons of God, made possible by adoption through Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This resonates very deeply with our hearts.

So, without much of a clue as to what to expect we are planning on moving to Woodland Park the end of July. We are excited and sad at the same time. There will be many great but hard partings with many dear friends in Minneapolis. For those of you in Minneapolis, stayed tuned for a going away/sending out party sometime in July.

We would greatly appreciate your prayers for:

-Continued clarity in this transition.
-Grace for Shiloh in all of this change.
-Continued open hearts to hear and follow our Papa.
-Trusting God's provision for jobs and such.
-Powerful transformation, renewal and healing in this season.
-Open hands to receive all Papa has for us as his sons.

Shiloh mowing with Grandpa Nagele. Wheeee!


Anonymous said...


K no more caps... but seriously. Having you out here close I get so excited about being able to see you all more and have you come speak to our kids sometime!

blessings in this transition

Marcy said...

praying for you guys and missing you so much!